RY&M Teacher Training Fundamentals II

Veda Ela is uniek en haar Restorative yoga & meditation Teacher Training ook. Deze fundamentals is een verdieping in je persoonlijke ontwikkeling en helpt je verder in je teaching skills. Een aanrader!

Dates: 14 & 15 juni
Friday : 09:30 – 18:30

Saturday : 09.30 – 18:30

Content Fundamentals 2 (25 hours)

  • Review of Contents Fundamentals 1
    * How Restorative Yoga was developed
  • Restorative Yoga and Yin Yoga poses
    * Description and daily practice: Forward bends, back bends, twists, side bends,
    inversions and their modifications
    * Own practice and its understanding by the body mind system
  • Visualization: Directing the power of the Mind towards healing and
    * The thoughts as creative forces
    * Activating the intuitive force that lies within you
    * The subconscious mind
    * Visualization: technique and practice
    * Yoga Nidra and its practice in RY
  • Exercises of Self-Inquiry: Working with the Zen koan “Who Am I?”
    * The Self-Inquiry method: Practice and Purpose of Self-Inquiry
    * The Life changing question “Who Am I”
  • Alignment & yoga Adjusting through touch in Restorative Yoga
    * Introduction to mindful touch
    * Adjusting in RY: the difference with other styles of Yoga
    * Intuitive touch and adjustments
    * When to adjust and how to approach the student/client
    * Guiding adjustment as an alternative to “hands-on”
    * Using props to assist instead of “hands-on”
    * Knowing your self: main tool for kind touch and “hands on”
  • Practicing & developing teaching skills
    * Verbal instructions and tone of voice
    * Guidelines toward focus and attention

Reserveer nu jouw plek voor deze unieke Teacher Training:

Cost: 395 euro per fundamentals (10% discount when booking all 4 Fundamentals)

Je krijgt een certificaat na volledige deelname.